Food Drive

Food inflation in Nigeria is a huge problem. Figures were 17.38% in Oct 2020, up from 16.66% in Sept 2020 and core inflation at 11.14% in Oct 2020 from 10.58% in Sept 2020. This is why we wanted to help 1000 low-income women feed their households at Christmas.

Food Drive 2021

On December 14, 2021, we organised our second annual Women’s Christmas Food Drive, providing bags of food to 1000 women. We provided bags filled with rice, tinned tomatoes, Maggi, salt and bottles of cooking oil.

Food inflation in Nigeria continues to be a challenge, particularly towards the end of the year. According to the World Bank, inflation has pushed 7 million more Nigerians into poverty. And in November 2021, food inflation in Nigeria rose by 17.21%.

Low-income women are often accountable for the well-being of their families, often having multiple jobs & small businesses. Through these women, who in turn care for their families, we've impacted 2000 families since December 2020. Thank you to our donors and volunteers for the support.

Food Drive 2020

On Dec 16 2020, we distributed bags of food to 1000 low-income women and their families. 2020 has been a hard year with rising food inflation and women have borne the bulk of this. We wanted to share some Christmas cheer to as many women as possible.

We provided bags filled with rice, sachet tomatoes, whole chicken, Maggi, salt, face masks and bottles of cooking oil to 1000 women in 2 low-income communities in Lagos.

For our food drive, it was important to work with women: We enlisted a women-focused NGO, @pearlsafrica as a distribution channel, hired female photographers and supported women-run SMEs who sourced the food. We also worked with women volunteers to ensure the day went smoothly.